Monday, 16 September 2013

Peters funeral notice

Sorry when I sent out the notice last night I by accident put Robin Pearce name in the to box instead of my own and bcc everyone else.

Please do not reply to Robin only to peters email or mine Rodney Coleman at

My Apologises to Robin for this mistake as I was very tired when I emailed last night.

Regards Rodney xx

Inspirational Speaker of the year 2012

(Nat. Speakers Assoc. Auck)

Bright Star winner 2012 (Nat. Speakers Assoc. Auck)

Ph 64 21 996 260




Today, Peter Taylor, 18,3,53 to 15,9,13 gave up his heroic struggle against Leishmania. He will be sadly missed by the many people he has inspired.

Beloved partner of Rodney. Loved son of Joan, also sadly missed by his two sister’s Yvonne and Katie, Yvonne’s partner Simon and his niece’s nephew and great nieces and great nephews.

A private family cremation has been held.

Rodney and Pete’s family invite you to celebrate Pete’s life with a memorial celebration at;

St Mathews in the City, 187 Federal St  Auckland.

Monday 23rd September at 3 pm to 5 pm.

Pete requests no flowers but asks for an equivalent donation to the Cartier Bereavement Trust. A collection box will be available at the memorial.

Dress code no black, colour befitting a party.


Inspirational Speaker of the year 2012

(Nat. Speakers Assoc. Auck)

Bright Star winner 2012 (Nat. Speakers Assoc. Auck)

Ph 64 21 996 260



Sunday, 1 September 2013

How's your day, Blog 114, the End

How’s your Day? Blog 114, the end

© Peter A Taylor, 1, September, 2013

There are many overwhelming moments when you are faced with 190 people, peers and friends who are talking about you as you maintain your dignity on stage. To my right is my soul mate Rodney as support and to my left the most honourable Buckwheat, the glamorous MC of our Auckland community, an actress and artist of stage screen and radio.


St Mathews Church in the City was transformed into a stunning building of white stone, accents of blue in the tiny orchid table settings and studded napkin holders. Our dear friend, Les Mack, had made 200 boxes with his signature Art Deco jewellery piece on each gold surprise package that held a tasty chocolate.

The entire night was fabulosity overload.  This fund raising dinner for the Cartier Bereavement Trust was a total success.  The cathedral ceiling is up- light with white spotlights and side columns are dramatically highlighted with blue and yellow bulbs.


Back on stage for the first part of the celebration, just as I have squeezed the life out of the last tissue, special people are invited to answer Buckwheat’s questions about me as I sit like a stunned mullet trying to absorb that this entire event to raise money is centred on the celebration of my life. Often choked with emotion and visibly in tears of joy, I fished hard to find more gratitude and humility to appreciate such an honour.


Needless to say, the evening from the tender chicken to the greetings of many and the making of money with auctions for the trust, made this successful special night a resounding triumph. The outpouring of love and respect , the truth and sincerity of the speakers from overseas and local is a privilege to hear before you pass over than wait until your are gone and over a bit of a soggy scone they say a few nice words. The Trust bought my dear friend Elaine from Sydney to surprise me as she was heralded and announced to speak.


What a way to leave this world. Knowing how many people I have touched has been the most revealing outcome of the tributes as I really had no idea of how my writing and philosophy of Don’t Postpone Joy has captivated a mindset. Also knowing that I cannot contribute any further means it’s time to step aside and let someone else have a go.

Crikey we’ve been grieving for so long we need new sponges as the others are dry with the starts and stops of the past several years of comebacks and slide downs and get up and shake off sort of carry on. If I don’t go, they’ll have to hit me in the head with a shovel and the conductor says,

              ‘Move up, next please.’

  So I will run over a few rollers in my light weight cardboard box, (saves sticking to the rollers) and boom, well it may be quieter, I will be on the other side with a smile as wide as the Cheshire cat.

Could you imagine the pile up if without the cardboard liner on the bit of ply wood, I singe and stick to a roller?

              “Hey Joe, hold up. We’ve got a sticker here and until we get him off, we are backing up like a car crash.’


It is time to thank and acknowledge all those who have shared, added to or been a significant part of my life. Firstly, the extensive medical team of specialists who have worked tirelessly to keep me upright. The friends who bring Sushi for lunge , the shoppers, visitors, helpers, cleaners, and all the talent that has been offered to me unconditionally from experts when I sought education. Then there are the old friends of reliability and shared memories, my contemplations and reflections and the passion from my horses moved to my writing, without planning it this way. Hence living became my business and my business became inspiration without plan or expectation.


Then there is you the readers who make this transition of crafts possible and fun. Without you there is no reason or purpose. So all together with love, peace harmony and no fear, I look forward to my next journey and thank you all for the part you have played.


With the sales and recognition of the last book ‘Past my Expiry Date ‘, doing well, I wish to thank those readers who have written recommendations on my book site and many thanks for your support. As they are self published, we have made them available to purchase go to and search for my name. It should bring you to all my publications. Let’s see how many people you can buy a copy for and touch another’s life.


What began as a surprise with a sand fly bite at the height of my dream career turned into a war of years that none of us expected, least of all me. We fought, my team and I to the depths of the trenches with the squirts as the body turned inside out and with the small steps forward giving hope and shining a ray of light, one of self awareness. What a roller coaster ride and one I’d never wish upon a soul.


My way was to seek head on as a youngster. From my education of how the horses and dogs collaborated and gave of themselves to sustain the species, it was prudent that I followed their example and learnt to offer ‘What is in me for you’, instead of always expecting ‘what‘s in it for me’.


Although we still don’t know what will happen from here as I have stopped all support medication, like everything else, I will go with the flow and manage with business like strategy and enjoy the moment. Full of uncertainties has been part of the excitement of living. I expect my passing will be equally as exciting. The lessons will continue to surprise and be full of wonder beyond my understanding at this conjuncture in time.


My philosophy of giving, sharing and kindness changes a mind to respect and gratitude. With these words as my cornerstone, I say goodbye and thanks for every little thing. See you on the other side.

For photo’s and articles of the night; go to


Pete x





Sunday, 4 August 2013

How's your day? Blog 113, the Penultimate

How’s your day? Blog 113, the Penultimate

© Peter A Taylor Monday 5th September


It is a perfect sunny warm winter’s day in Auckland with my doors and windows open to the fresh air. Yesterday we returned home from an overnight stay at Miranda Hot Springs, about 1 hour drives south east of Auckland. I needed a good soak after a tough 3 days of treatment.


Sadly due to my decaying body, it will be the last trip as I ran out of oomph. In fact I have made some decisions. The recent time in hospital with the ear scrap and the liver infarct was enough to put a big NO to any further invasive action. No operations, no cuts and no pain, as I can’t do it anymore. I have a big commitment I am hanging around for.


The Cartier Bereavement Trust, which raises funds to bury HIV patients’ who have been abandoned by their families, will hold a fund raising dinner on August 31. I am the subject for ‘This is your life’, so of format. Once this commitment is met I can let go of this very tired and painful body.


But there was another reason to help my choice. You, my readers were so very generous with your in pouring of tributes after my last blog. For the first time I was overwhelmed by the numbers of people I have touched and made a difference. I have changed the status quo. I was also waiting for my final book to be published. Once all these were achieved it was clear there was nothing left for me to do on this earth.


On the day after my dinner engagement I will cease all medications and treatments and let nature take its course. The Doctors assume it will take about 5 to 10 days and whoopee I’m out of here.


You probably have not met someone so excited about parting from this world. Being wrapped in love, without fear, happy and excited about my new adventure leaves me in no doubt as to I am ready. So much to do for this trip and no packing.


While at the hospital the other day and in line for a coffee, I met a vague acquaintance.

              ‘How are you Pete?’

              ‘I’m off in about 6 weeks,’ I said

              ‘Where too?’ he asked

              ‘Where it is always sunny.’

              ‘Oh, you’re off to the tropics. Well have a great time.’ Then he spun on his heel with a fresh coffee as happy as jam on a sandwich.

I smiled to know that was far nicer than saying I’m dying. I guess it is how you look at it all.


So now about my last and latest book.

‘Past My Expiry Date ‘

Is an exploration of how or why I am the only person who lived with this illness. I speak of my conditioning as a child to be prepared for uncertainties and to toughen up. I also tell of the lessons I learnt on the way through this extraordinary struggle. I leave you with a huge amount of inspiration, tools that may help, a mindset that has lasted all my life and in usual Peter Taylor terms I did it all my way. Don’t sing the song. This book is strong, powerful and reflects the growth of self awareness. A small book designed as an E Book I have also published in paperback for those without the technology and like the tactility of a book as they read in bed with a cup of hot chocolate.


Your part if I’m bold enough to ask is to share it on your face book, write a testimonial or recommendation for Amazon .com and see how many people I can further touch. So many of us expect someone else to click the like button or to re-tweet. But no one usually does. This time I’d really appreciate it.


Below are the links to my books. I thank you in advance and one more blog will be written to say goodbye.

Link to Kindle

Link to Paperback


Saturday, 20 July 2013

How's your day, blog 112 reflections of a dying man

Your day? Blog 112 Reflections of a dying man


It’s Sunday morning and the sun is streaming in on the back of my neck with welcome warmth bringing cheer to my heart. As I sit and contemplate on my sofa, I could read my book, finish my cup of tea and have an anti-biotic. Waiting to pass from this world is both exciting and tiresome. My partner needs to move on and for this I need to get it over and done with.

The part to cherish is the time to say goodbye, contemplate what may have been and laugh about how expensive it is to die in NZ.

              ‘Oh yes, I was going to die last week, but I couldn’t afford it.’

So now the funeral, music , AV ,celebrant, cremation, insurance papers , new will, power of enduring attorney, rent, utilities , credit card up to date and the list goes on. Then you clean up your computer and delete all those names you can’t remember or who have not written in at least 6 months so your partner can click the button and say , ‘He’s down the Shute now’. If I had the energy Rodney would like me to write a little booklet, “the beginners guide to dying’. There is so much to know and so little time to learn about.

There could be an entire chapter on memorial catering choices. When I was told that the club sandwich, scone and a cuppa cost $7.50, my face puckered with the thought of 400 people or more coming to this party send off. Hell my partner could use the money as a deposit on an Auckland house. However Ham o the bone with rolls to make your own and cheese and Hummus for the vegetarians sounds like an easy option. Ladies bring a plate and a cash bar will be available was the old adage.


Being an environmental sort of a chap, I couldn’t bring myself to burn all that lovely wood. We have had an open fire this winter burning off cuts of kiwi fruit cases and if it’s not dry it smokes like a bastard. I mentioned this to my funeral director, a gorgeous gal, and asked about recycled cardboard.               ‘Peter, they are $950 each for cardboard.’

Well if you thought my face crimped like a hair iron with the price of a club sandwich, you would have thought I was paying for the Pope to say a few words. ‘I’m not paying for cardboard at that price even if it keeps an entire family in rice for a year.’

So we settled on a speedy cremation where only a hospice sheet bites the dust and I go down the Shute and am collected the next day in a box of my choice. Simple. No makeup, no hairdresser and no coffin costs, no pall bearers and now we can have the party where and when ever it suits as I’m in the box already with a bunch of flowers and a photo.

I don’t want anyone wearing black. Even if it is winter. Get our all the colour and fabulosity that befits a party. No dreary send off for this one.

However as the white pain sears any inspiration to ash as it permeates from a central point where they cut the cartilage of my ear out from an invasive cancer , I cannot help igniting an ember of imagination with a serious bit of reflection.

My colleagues tell me their children; now at university see our different context of our world. One wants to be a politician and another has a fully funded chemistry PHD. So, hope reigns in the light of global recession.

Blowing a little air on the embers of hope, means looking at life with a new paradigm.

Had I not been held hostage to my health and the hospital, I and my partner could live in a church in Southland with a manse, renovated into a one bedroom gorgeous place and the rest could be his studio as I write. We will explore the catkins and all places in the land of the Lord of the Rings. I’ve become good at growing a garden and although it is cold for a good part of the year, we’d be freehold for $79k.

Oh well, it is all reflections as last week I had a near miss when part of my liver infarct. Yes, sounds like a rude word, but part of it died from a blockage. Now that was pain. At least the ear pain will eventually subside and disappear as it heals.

However  folks, I was nearly not here to write this blog. There is little to write about when you have gone to ground like animals to lick your wounds and recover.

I’m not sure how many more blogs there will be. So you, have an extraordinary day and be grateful for everything you have.


Thursday, 20 June 2013

how's your day blog 111 still cruising

How’s your day? Blog 111, Still Cruising

© Peter A Taylor, 21 June, 2013


Climbing out of this last pit feels like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. First, I was given three bags of blood during my previous treatment and this kick started my system out of idle into action. During the past four weeks I have been able to use energy to get on top of my wellness.


There is a formula now that I think about how I do it. As I wrote last time, I get a good book, fill the pantry with goodies I like and because I disengage with the rest of the world, I concentrate only on my wellness. I often sit in the sunny part of my lounge and stare vacantly at the opposite wall. What I am doing is emptying my mind of all unnecessary nonsense and most of all things are nonsense. I no longer remain connected to anything that requires stress, excessive thinking but let go of all things to focus only on my wellness.


This means concentrating on only things, incidents or memories that bring joy. Keeping it simple is about as good as it gets. KISS- Keep it simple, stupid. Then it is time for a nap or to read my book.


By now all chores are organised to be either done by another, or made to work with the minimum of my energy.  This valuable commodity I guard with my life. Somehow, I seem to pull myself belief to a strong power of one and claw my way out of the vortex to see the sun and joy in everything. I push away pain or just have another nap. Who cares and who is counting. If it works, hey, I’m not complaining.


Above all I give thanks to my partner for our gift of love, the good food we eat, the power is on, and the fire is burning to keep us warm. Yes, I am full of gratitude for everything I have to make my quality of life worth living. So, may it continue. When it all gets too much and I run out of oomph, I will seek another blood transfusion until my natural body says enough is enough.


Funny thing is when it gets to this point, it really is enough and I will go to my safe place and never be sick again.

This week was another round of three days of treatment. I feel tired but not as flat as usual. So lucky old me. There really is joy as I have begun writing another story about my animals using a mouse as the narrator. Being an animal and talking about animals leaves this writer with enormous fun and imagery. I will continue to cruise on.


Thursday, 23 May 2013

How's your day? blog 110 Never give up

How’s your Day? Blog 110 never give up

© Peter A Taylor, 23, May, 2o13


After a bad week of concrete shoes and not enough energy to pull the skin from a Rice Pudding, I was sorting my funeral arrangements. I have pulled out of some hard places but I wasn’t sure I’d claw my way back from this last funk.


So, with a mindset that I had no responsibility to do a damn thing, I set out to work on my wellness. First I grab a good book. I then stock the larder with all the yummy things I like and at present, that’s not a lot except fruit and raw fish with lemon juice and coconut milk. My chores are limited to feed the dog and the chickens and I’ve become the master of the slow cooker. Yes, once the dinner is loaded just like your dishwasher, I pop it in a slow oven and forget it. Now for the rest of the day I read, sleep, sit and empty my mind. Still breathing short but drinking coconut water flavoured with Pineapple juice and mineral water with a squeeze of fresh lime, I settle. May be it will work and may be it won’t. I decided to retire and take on no work or writing unless I feel like clearing my emails occasionally. You are getting a picture here.


Within a week I began to have a little energy when it came to serving dinner and my eyes were not closing as I took my last mouth full. However I move to the softness of the sofa and relax once more. Then it’s an early night and another day is complete.


Yesterday I had an enquiry about speaking at a conference in October.

          Are you available on either 22ndor 24th of October?’ the kindly person asked.

          ‘Sure, neither of these dates is booked at this stage,’ I answer brightly.

Hell I don’t even know if I can make August let alone October. Then I’ve pulled out of this place before about four times now and positively hope I pull out once more. It’s like having the lives of a cat. I’m not sure if it will be five or nine but I’m telling you it gets harder each time. Never the less, I’ve never given up as there seems there may be one more opportunity to be chosen. You just never know what is waiting to happen.